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Our 2nd Annual Cake Auction is raising funds and awareness of all the programs at The Haven’s Men’s Shelter.



RULES: Companies put in a cake, which can be baked personally or through a baker, an incentive is added with value of $50+ and the date and location the cake will be auctioned off during the event. Here are a few FAQs about this event…

  • How can I participate? It’s easy! Contact The Haven @ at 803-328-7371
  • Does it cost anything to enter the Cake Auction? No. However, we do ask that you provide a cake (or cake certificate) and an incentive of at least a $50 value that we can auction off.
  • How do I know I am entered into the Cake Auction? Once we receive your RSVP, we will mail you a confirmation packet with your cake number, time & date your entry will be auctioned and details regarding the auction.
  • When do I need to RSVP? We would like RSVP’s to be received on or before May 8th to guarantee maximum marketing exposure.
  • Where do I deliver by cake and incentive? The Cake Auction is held at the Galleria Mall (location TBD?)
  • When should my cake be delivered? Cake Check In is Wed May 17th. Only cakes delivered by 4:30p.m. will be a part of the People’s Choice Awards online voting.
  • Can my cake be any size? Yes. Your cake can be any size, shape or design. Battery operated decorations are welcome, but no electric is available. Please cover your cake with plastic wrap. Also, just let us know if your cake will be larger than a full sheet cake to ensure enough space for your entry.
  • How can I market for my business at the Cake Auction? Use your cake as your marketing billboard! Due to space limitations, only business cards for you and/or your cake baker may be placed with your cake.
  • Can an individual enter in the cake auction? Yes. We welcome individuals and businesses.
  • Where can I find a full listing of the Cake Sponsors and Incentives? You can find the current list HERE and www.wrhi.com/cn2.com
  • Where can I stay up-to-date regarding the Cake Auction? You can stay up-to-date HERE, like us on Facebook.
  • How often are cakes auctioned? During the two-day event, 5 – 6 cakes will be auctioned off during a 15 minute period. Once that group of cakes have retired, the next set of 5 – 6 cake will be auctioned. The Auction runs from 11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
  • How can I bid? You can bid in person, by phone or text. The auctioneers will announce the highest bidders over the radio.
  • Where can I listen to the cake auction? TBD
  • When can I pick up my cake and incentive if I am the highest bidder? You can pick up your cake & Incentive May 19th and May 20th 8am – 6:00pm Please note that there will be no weekend pickups. (May change due to how many cakes we receive.)
  • What happens if I can’t pick up my cake and incentive on time? If you an unable to make it during the Cake Auction hours provided, the cake will be donated to a local charity. Your incentive will return to The Haven Men’s Shelter May 20th after 4:30pm. and you are welcome to pick it up during business hours, Monday – Friday 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
  • Can I make a donation even If I am not the highest bidder on an entry? Yes! We accept donations anytime of the year. You can make a donation at the cashier area at Galleria Mall during the auction, Venmo, stop by The Haven during regular business hours, Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm, mail a check payable to The Haven Men’s Shelter or simply make a donation online!
  • Can I volunteer? Yes, we have many volunteering opportunities available during the cake auction and throughout the year. Please contact us at 803-328-7371 or Contact Us.
  • What do my Cake Auction dollars benefit? Cake Auction dollars benefit all our programs at The Haven Men’s Shelter and helps us continue our mission to assist individuals to reach their fullest educational and functional potential.
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